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Faced with a 2 week action packed itinerary I was asked to create an engaging film which provided an overview of Land Rover's competition winner trip to South Africa.

The Treatment

Introduction: The guys arrive and meet Monty. They are excited. This is what they’ve dreamed of. We see quick soundbites from all of them capturing their excitement. 

The journey begins, they admire the vehicles, take in their surroundings and get ready to go to sea.

Plot Point 1: Here it is D-Day their first day on the water

We see below the water, dolphins swimming.

The boys are above water, getting ready. Anticipation, the excitement kick in. They rally together. This is what they’ve been waiting for.

The dolphins await

They drop into the water. Exhilaration takes over.

We see a montage of their first dive. Reactions from them after the dive. High fives, big smiles, the shared group experience. 

Plot Point 2: Now we’re onto the fun and games, a montage of the trip, they see wildlife, they off road in defenders, they go on safari, they are around a campfire, they play football with the local kids, more off off-roading - this time in the Discovery Sport

The guys pitch in and take the opportunities offered to them. They live their philosophy.

The wrap up: As the sun sets on the final day and trip to the gorge where they dive off the edge on the swing and head down the zip wire the boys reflect on their time on this trip.

It’s all over too soon, but they boys have memories to last a lifetime, experiences they will never forget and adventure in their blood, all thanks to Land Rover. 

To celebrate 100 years of Hellmann's I developed a script treatment to capture the days events and bring them to life

To help City & Guilds announce their new consultancy package, City & Guilds Advance I crafted concise copy for an animation based video presentation.

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