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I am a feature and TV writer who tells stories of misunderstood people by exploring their behaviours and the reasons behind them, all with the aim of creating understanding and compassion.



Poetry – Multiple 

  • Rhyme and Reason (United Press)

  • In This Life (United Press)

  • Perfectly Poetic (United Press)

Drowning (Short story)


  • Published in the first Little Episodes anthology ‘Back in 5 Minutes’ – 2010

  • Adapted to performance piece and staged at the book launch in London


Movie Emporium (Film blog)

  • Best Film Blog nominee – Total Film Movie Blog Awards – 2011


Infidelity (Flash fiction)

The Past Unravels (Poetry exhibition created in collaboration with visual artist)


  • Exhibition in Jersey Museum. Commissioned by Jersey Heritage – 2012


Heroes, Monsters and Men (TV pilot)


  • Quarterfinalist of Screencraft’s Pilot Contest – 2015


Acceptance (Short screenplay)

  • Finalist of LSF Impact 50 Contest – 2016


Leave No One Behind (Drama feature screenplay)


  • 2nd Rounder of Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Contest – 2016


Living the Dream (Drama feature screenplay)


  • Top 10% of Nicholl Fellowship – 2019


  • 2nd Rounder of Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Contest – 2019 and 2021

  • Semi-Finalist of the The Script Lab Competition – 2021

Microcosms (Flash Fiction)

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